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A1037MD 5/8in x 2.572in Chrome-Moly Stud Kit

  • $ 9000

A1037MD  Strange chrome-moly 5/8" stud kit. Includes lug nuts, .250" aluminum wheel washers, and locking nuts. (A= .875", B= 1.760", C= 2.572", D= .885") (10 of each). Kit includes: 10 studs, 10 aluminum washers, 10 locking nuts and 10 lug nuts. "A"   is the non-threaded portion of the stud that goes through the brake hat and wheel, be certain the "A" dimension is a little longer than the hat and wheel thickness combined. "B"   is the combined measurement of the non-threaded "A" section and the threaded             "D" outboard end for the washer and lug nut. "C"   is the overall length of the stud including both threaded ends and the non-threaded center.  "D"   is the threaded portion for the lug nut and washer. Note for changing washer thickness on your studs... When .250" or .688" aluminum washers are needed to substitute for standard .4375" thick washers, add the following suffix to the stud kit part number: S= .250" washers (Example A1038S) L= .688" washers (Example A1041L)