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N1917 Forged Alum Pinion Support S/T

  • $ 14000

N1917  Forged aluminum pinion support with cups installed. Includes pinion support o-ring and pinion support bolts for Strange iron case. Forged aluminum taper bearing "Black Aluminum" pinion support (street/track) (body weight with races= 4.00lbs.) The Strange aluminum taper bearing pinion support (N1917) is completely CNC nmachined from Strange designed forgings. the Strange forging offers optimal grain structure and provides superior strength to random grain flow billet pinion supports. This support accepts a larger than stock rear pinion bearing- alloting for a significant increase in thrust capacity and improved rigidity for the pinion shaft. The N1917 offers an optimal solution for street/track enthusiasts seeking to replace failure prone stock supports. The N1917 is machined to enhance and increase oil lubrication to the pinion bearings. The N1917 pinion support body is designed to accept a small stem (28-spline) pinion shaft. Pinion support installation kit (N1916) is sold separately.

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