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C18004UC Strange 11in Rear Carbon Brakes for Olds Ends

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C18004UC Fits Olds ends (4.75" bc/2.8325" brake gap)

"These are, by far, the best brakes I have ever used"         WarrenJohnson                     

The following are highlights of the Strange Pro Race Carbon kit.    1 Ultra Caliper- The Ultra Caliper offers the following improvements to the already race proven Strange directional caliper:        (a) Encapsulated ceramic inserts to eliminate heat shields - The Ulatr  Caliper incorporates a unique two piece piston design developed by Wilwood Eng. for Formula 1 cars. Each piston is comprised of two separatepieces, with a special ceramic insert encapsulated by the piston halves. The ceramic inserts prevented the boiling of brake fluid when the rotors exceeded red hot and became white hot.    (b) Smaller dissimilar piston bore sizes for superior braking "feel" - The Ultra caliper incorporates dissimilar bore sizes of 1.625" and 1.500" for optimal feel, superior braking and improved pad wear.    (c) Stainless steel bushing to eliminate all shims and washers -Time is valuable between rounds-therefore, we eliminated all spacer, washers and shims. The Ultra caliper has a stainless steel flanged bushing that is pressed into each caliper mounting surface for the caliper mounting bolt.      The least amount of weight; rotating & static - The entire assembled rear 11" carbon kit (pair) weighs only 14.95 lbs. Each 11" disc weighs a meager 1.68 lbs. and when mounted on the rotor mount- still only weighs 3.10 lbs. Each carbon pad weighs .20 lbs.     3 11" carbon rotors and carbon pads -The11"(outside diameter) carbon rotors are .50" smaller than other kits on the market. The smaller 11" diameter carbon generates more heat than the 11.50" carbon- providing peerless braking for Pro and Sportsman racers. The 11" carbon also provides the lightest rear disc weight on the market at a mere 1.68 lbs. The smaller, less cumbersome, rotor diameter is more conveniently removed when making adjustments to the rear of the vehicle. Each brake pad has been slotted to allow carbon dust to escape, improving rotor and pad longevity.     4 Aluminum carbon/carbon rotor mount -Is designed to withstand the intense heat which is initiated from the release of energy (braking) through the braking system. Each aluminum rotor mount is manufactured from a heat resistant aluminum and then hard coated to further insulate the aluminum. Each rotor mount accepts a separate aluminum retaining ring to evenly spread the load of the rotor mounting bolts. Strange Pro Race Rear Carbon Kits include the following: Ultra calipers, billet aluminum caliper mounts, mounting hardware, 11" carbon rotors and slotted carbon brake pads. For 5" b.c. - replace the 4 with a 5 in the part number  

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