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Buick Bolt-In Shocks Strange/Buick Bolt-In Shocks

  • $ 000

Single Adjustable.....$150.00 each with  Double Adjustable....$250.00 each.

Buick/Model  Year   Front Single--Front Double Rear Single Rear Double

Apollo            73-75 S5263* --- S5264                S5064

Regal             73-87 S5263* --- S5264                S5064

Skylark          64-67 S5267* --- S5264                S5064

                      68-79 S5263* --- S5264                S5064

 *Requires modification of stock a-arm    

**Requires aftermarket spring or Strange springs #SPC300 ($142.00ea.)    

Free Shipping in the lower 48 states