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PSS210 Ultra Strut w/Carbon Brakes

  • $ 4,60000

PSS210   Strange Ultra Struts (externally adjustable) package with Carbon brake kit. Strange Ultra Strut package includes 2.50" or 3.63" stroke Ultra Struts, premium chrome-moly lower control arm kit (w/choice of 1/2" or 7/16" rod ends), wheel bearings, wheel races, wheel seals, high-misalignment tie rod rod ends, aluminum steering arms, spring seat bearing kit and Hypercoil springs. Strange Ultra Strut Packages- were designed to satisfy the most demanding Pro and Sportsman racers. The Ultra Strut package was meticulously developed to assure unsurpassed quality-from its innovative stainless steel base assembly to the NAS hardware. The latest generation Strange cartridge is externally adjustable and the piston is located below the spindle- allowing for longer stroke, less stress and increased stability at full extension. The lighter construction of the strut allows for weight savings, while maintaining an unmatched integral strength. The aluminum steering arm permits an ideal trapezoid linkage to create the Ackerman geometry. When the wheels steer left or right, the asymmetry in the geometry causes the inside wheel to steer to a greater angle than the outside wheel- improving handling.  The Ultra Strut features a wide range of adjustment to meet the requirements of the vast majority of vehicles; however, if your application requires, each strut can be re-valved to a different range of adjustment. The Strangedouble adjustable strut was developed with Warren and Kurt Johnson. The double adjustable strut permits the ultimate in fine tuning the front suspension. Hypercoil springs are included with every Ultra Strut package. Hypercoil springs are ideal for taking advantage of lighter spring rates- without the risk of coil bind and/or over stressing the spring.

 Call in order to select stroke length, rod end size and spring rate. 316-299-8427


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